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Ali has been amazing and very helpful with our staff, always organising their study packs way in advance with clear introductions on what and how do they need to prepare for their first lesson. All employees were very happy with the service provided, it was a real eye-opener for them and it made them aware how big this subject is. They are very keen to keep learning and discovering more after they learned so much during the course. Nothing says more about the school that all 11 of our employees who attended the course have passed with flying colours, mostly with merit or distinction. We sure hope to keep working with them in the future.

The Italian Greyhound (FKA Bernardi's)

We would like to express how grateful and happy we were with the WSET programme... It was extremely easy to organise, supportive and precise. The course was provided for two of my most outstanding employees to develop their knowledge and performance. They commented that they found the training informative, inspiring and are keen to develop further now they have the bug and move onto their Level 3. We are very much looking forward to sending through more staff over the years and to carry on developing the knowledge of our young professionals.

Frenchie Covent Garden

I spent a great 10 weeks with Ali and Lucy through WSET levels 2 & 3 and it was amazing! Classes felt very personal and are managed to create a friendly atmosphere that keep even the least exciting topics interesting. We were provided with valuable tips and tricks on how to approach the exams and study as effectively as possible. With Ali and Lucy school is finally fun!

Ladislav Edr, Senior Sommelier @ Murano by Angela Harnett

Improving my wine and spirit knowledge to a WSET level is something I always wished I could do but never thought I would be able to. Ali and her team gave me the confidence to taste fine wines properly and the structure to understand the process and the provenance. I had a lot of fun during the course and learnt a lot. Thanks Ali

Adam Jay, Exec Chef @ Harry's (Caprice Holdings)

Ali’s courses are always led with the most amount of passion. The quality of the wines used are always on point and there is not one question you can’t ask during the class.

All students we’ve sent always came back with smiles on their faces and some of them change the course of their careers.

Marc-Andrea Levy, F&B Director @ Open House London, The Pantechnicon & Dining Theory

Ali made learning easy, with an element of light hearted humor, genuine passion for wine she is able to get across the WSET criteria really well for a group with different learning styles and experience. This gave me a great building block to continue my learning and development within wine and take my knowledge back to my work place. I have recommended Ali to several colleagues, friends and general people enquiring who are looking to take the WSET route, not only do they get a great tutor, but a mentor and someone with a tonne of experience far surpassing what you learn on the course. This gives you a great insight into what wine is and how we should talk about it.

Jon Cannon-Gierth, General Manager @ various sites

Lucy's WSET Level 2 Wines course was a very enjoyable exploration of the key grape varieties, and their expression in various parts of the world. Well structured, with a thoughtful selection of wines to taste, a number of them biodynamic and organic where possible. The perfect guide to increasing your knowledge, with an answer to any burning question you might have. Above all, a pleasant, uncomplicated and relaxed learning journey to bring one's knowledge to the next level.

Simon LaFrance, Level 2 & 3 Wines Course

Ali spent time with us pairing our wines for our wedding. We told her what food we were providing guests and we discussed what we liked in a wine. Ali then gave us a selection, from finding something a bit unusual (at our request of course!) for the reception, to the perfect toasting glass for the speeches, we had the most wonderful experience selecting and tasting. To this day, our guests still bring up how great the drinks were at our wedding. We highly, highly recommend her services

Emma & Chris, Bennett/Broomfield Wedding

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the tasting. I was a bit nervous when you started the slides - a bit too much like work - but as I said at the end was nothing like so much ‘traditional’ wine learning and so much the better for it.  Thank you.

Hugh McNeal, virtual tasting event

It was a super fun day and the quality of teaching and the variety of spirits that we got to taste were brilliant.

Firstly, the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and passionate when sharing their knowledge. It was evident that they had a deep understanding of the topics and were committed to sharing this with us.

In addition, the spirits we were able to taste were fantastic. From single malts, premium bourbons, to unique tequilas, with each one interesting in its own way. It was a great opportunity to expand my palate and try spirits I would not have thought to try on my own.

The course was well-organized and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions. I felt like I learned a lot and came away with a newfound appreciation for spirits.

Magdalena Jennings, Level 1 Spirits Course

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